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Element Dance Studio offers recreational, performance, and competitive dance opportunities for a variety of ages. Created by longtime performer and professional dance teacher Janelle Warren Konowal, Element brings to life the spirit of movement, rhythm, and flow in a way that is both positive and challenging for students.

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Element Dance Studio

Our youngest dancers enjoy classes such as Baby Dance With Me and Creative Movement, specifically designed for their age and development. School-aged children and adults receive progress training in a variety of styles (contemporary, hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap, technique, & more). We offer internationally recognized dance exam opportunities, and extra performance opportunities for our company members. All students receive quality dance instruction through professional teachers who have a true love for what they do. At Element Dance, we realize that we are more then teachers – we are role models, and we are honoured to be a positive role model for your children. We encourage a love and passion for both the technical, the performance, and the creative aspects of dance. Through our expertise, we are able to encourage and support students who are looking to take their dance education to a professional level. For many of our students, our dance programs offer a rewarding and fun pursuit that is great exercise. All of our students learn valuable life skills that prepare them for success in life, with positive memories and lifelong friendships.
Element Dance Studio
Element Dance StudioThursday, May 25th, 2017 at 1:41am
Wow what a weekend!⚡️💙 CONGRATULATIONS Element dancers, you finished off the season with a BANG! So unbelievably proud of each and every one of you for leaving it all on the stage! All of your hard work is paying off... way to represent! 💙 This past weekend wasn't just about the triumphs, it was also about the laughs, the bonding, and the fun we all had together.
Here are the results from this weekend (and stay tuned for results from Danceabition... we have yet to post those as well!):

Teen Line
⭐️1ST OVERALL - Enchanted Forest (Production - All full time company dancers)
Teen Rock Star Groups
⭐️2nd Overall - The Last Breath (Vapour Contemp)
⭐️3rd Overall - Riot (Vapour Hip Hop)
⭐️5th Overall - Born Wild (Comp Acro)
⭐️10th Overall - Trapped (Vapour Jazz)
Jr Shining Star Solos
⭐️8th Overall - Bailando (Laura Wadden)
Teen Rock Star Solos
⭐️1st Overall - Someday (Stan Tonin)
⭐️4th Overall - Chasing Light (Alyssa Cross)
⭐️5th Overall - Through This Skin (Heidi Wadden)
⭐️9th Overall - How to Save a Life (Olivia Chute)
Senior Shining Star Solos
⭐️1st Overall - White Ferrari (Nathan Dey)
⭐️6th Overall - Blind Date (Hannah Rooney)
⭐️9th Overall - Fast Car (Jasmine Hubley-Parnell)
Petite Future Star Small Groups
⭐️2nd Overall - The Sleepover (Ignite)
⭐️4th Overall - Swagg (Ignite)
Senior Shining Star Groups
⭐️7th Overall - Storm Troopers (Storm Hip Hop)
⭐️10th Overall - Life We Chose (Small Group - Nathan Dey, Claudia Flynn, Rachael Hue, Marin Smith, Maggie Turner)
Rock Star Duo/Trios
⭐️8th Overall - Our Broken Home (Ainsley Forrest, Stan Tonin)
⭐️9th Overall - That Man (Annalise Bechard, Alyssa Cross)
Jr Future Star Solos
⭐️5th Overall - Find a Place (Bridget Power)
⭐️7th Overall - Song for You (Taylor Hartlen)
Junior Future Star Duo/Trios
⭐️6th Overall - Spirit of Life (Bridget Power, Taylor Hartlen)
Teen Shining Star Solos
⭐️10th Overall - Slight Work (Rachael Hue)

🌟Star Solo Awards🌟
⭐️Stan Tonin
⭐️Nathan Dey

🌟Director's Choice Award - Stan Tonin

🌟People's Choice Award - Enchanted Forest (Production)

🌟Top Studio🌟 - To top it off, Element Dance Studio was recognized as one of six top scoring studios out of the entire competition!!

Special thanks to all the dancers, parents, and teachers who made this past week awesome!! 💙💙💙
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Element Dance Studio
Element Dance StudioSaturday, May 20th, 2017 at 10:05am
Awesome and busy weekend with Element!! 💙 Online registration is open AND it's our very last competition!! So bittersweet seeing these routines on the stage one last time 😭💙

Shoutout to Sophie who broke her collarbone, so she couldn't dance this weekend... but came out to support her team! So much Element love, heal up soon Soph!! 💙💙💙 #elementdancens #elementdancestudio #elementfam
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"Only when I am dancing can I feel this free."