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About Us

Our Philosophy

Here at Element we dance to a different drum. Our approach to learning is to encourage and inspire our students to bring their very best effort.  In return, they are given the care, direction, and attention they each deserve, along with the skilled instruction they need to grow and succeed. We aim to develop our students and their dance education in a positive environment so that they may fully experience the joy and enrichment that comes from dance. We are a family-oriented community here at Element, with a positive atmosphere that builds self esteem, valuable life skills, and a love and passion for the art of dance.


About Element:

Element Dance Studio is a positive and professional dance school located in the heart of Nova Scotia. Created in 2014 by Janelle Warren Konowal, EDS offers top quality education in a variety of dance disciplines. Our journey into the art of dance and movement is supported by a staff of experienced teachers and an attitude of good vibes. Here at Element, we strive to achieve a family atmosphere fostering personal and physical growth, challenge, and achievement.

Our youngest dancers enjoy classes such as Baby Dance With Me and Creative Movement, specifically designed for their age and development. School-aged children and adults receive progress training in a variety of styles (contemporary, hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap, technique, & more). We offer internationally recognized dance exam opportunities, and extra performance opportunities for our company members.

All students receive quality dance instruction through professional teachers who have a true love for what they do. At Element Dance, we realize that we are more than teachers – we are role models, and we are honoured to be a positive role model for your children. We encourage a love and passion for both the technical, the performance, and the creative aspects of dance. Through our expertise, we are able to encourage and support students who are looking to take their dance education to a professional level. For many of our students, our dance programs offer a rewarding and fun pursuit that is great exercise. All of our students learn valuable life skills that prepare them for success in life, with positive memories and lifelong friendships.

We Believe In The Technique

Every student can learn correct technique and dance beautifully. With proper instruction and sound technique training, we build and inspire a natural love of movement. Technique training creates self-discipline, strength, stamina and grace, and is the foundation for long-term dance success. Our classes are specifically designed to increase technical skill, stamina, and discipline appropriate for the student’s age and level as they progress.

We Believe In The Performance

Dance is a performing art, and is meant to be shared! Performing develops confidence, poise, and stage manners. Performing opportunities are available to students throughout their training at Element Dance Studio. Our full-year students have the opportunity to perform at Parent Observation Days, our December Holiday Recital, and our Year End recital. Students who are looking for more performing and in-depth dance training and education have the opportunity to audition for our Dance Company!

We Believe In The Creative

Dance is about expression. Though there are many technical aspects of dance that students must work hard to achieve, we believe strongly in keeping the creative and expressive aspect of dance alive. Students learn to express themselves through choreography, improv, and specifically designed exercises in dance class.

High Quality Dance Education

To us, quality teaching means paying close attention to our student’s artistic development, their health and safety, and their physical and emotional well-being. Our team of professional instructors guide students through the gradual process of developing as a performing artist; and of carefully training their body, helping them achieve an instrument that is both technically strong and fluid, allowing the freedom of movement, and the capability of executing rigorous exercises with grace and style.

Creating A Well Rounded Dancer

All students benefit from quality dance training, regardless of his or her chosen career path. Through dance, students learn the cooperation and teamwork necessary to produce a quality work of art. A sense of community is established at dance, where we learn to support one another, not just as dancers in class, but as families at the studio as well. Being a family and community-oriented place, Element Dance Studio provides students with opportunities to give back to their community, as well as recognizing our students who give back. Students develop creative thinking skills, and through determination and hard work, gain the ability to push themselves to higher achievements. Confidence and self-esteem continue to develop as dancers achieve new movement, and grow more certain of their ability to apply and express themselves. Growing through this technical and artistic process helps students find personal integrity and strength. We believe that in building students self-esteem, self-discipline, self-motivation and determination, we are developing not only a well rounded dancer, but a well rounded individual. By providing a positive environment with strong values of respect and support, we will enable students to take chances, reach higher goals, and build strong and confident people who will excel in everyday life.

"To Dance is to move in harmony with one's mind, body, and spirit."