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Refer A Friend


Here at Element Dance we are always looking for ways to spread the love of dance, and for ways to add new members to our dance family. Our “Refer A Friend” incentive is a $25 credit given to existing students when they help a new friend get started at Element. It’s also a way for us to say thanks to our many loyal and dedicated dancers who show their Element pride. Element Refer A Friend bonus incentives are applicable towards tuition of future classes both this year and next, or they can be applied to an existing tuition balance.
There is no limit to the number of Referral credits you can receive, $25 will be given for each student referred.

How it works: The Refer A Friend bonus is simple, just download the RAF card, fill out the names of you (the existing student) and your friend (the newly registering student). Then have your friend submit the card with his/her new registration or have them email the card to info@elementdancestudio.ca when they register. Additionally there will usually be some RAF Cards on hand at the studio so just ask your dance teacher for one!

*Please note: RAF bonus credit is not currently available for use on anything else such as Element Shop items, clothing, tuition-refunds, or cash redemption. RAF credits will be available for immediate use if the newly registering student has paid their full term tuition upon registration, or once they have completed their third month’s tuition payment.